Welcome to the ARIADNETechNat mentoring programme!

The ARIADNETechNat mentoring programme supports high-potential female Master's students and young female researchers at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences throughout their academic careers. ARIADNETechNat applies the tried and tested mentoring approach. Each mentee is allocated an experienced scientist who acts as their mentor for the duration of one programme period. Rather than focussing on academic issues, the mentors concentrate on further qualifications, scientific practice and career development. The programme aims to increase the percentage of women in higher academic positions.

Mentees benefit from their mentor’s experience and knowledge, learning the ins and outs of academic research, building up a larger network with other scientists and gaining the information and soft skills that are indispensable for working in science or academia.

Requirements for participation

We look forward to receiving your application if you are


ARIADNETechNat is offered in three different varieties:

ARIADNETechNat master

ARIADNETechNat doc

ARIADNETechNat postdoc+

 All mentees can participate in information and network meetings; the programmes doc and postdoc also offer workshops on career-related topics. 

 Selection process

Please submit the following documents to the programme coordination by e-mail to ariadne-technat@fau.de:


Project coordination ARIADNETechNat

Dipl. Geol. Marion Kämmlein
Am Weichselgarten 9, room 201
91058 Erlangen
Phone: 09131 8564029